Portals to PsychENCODE Data

A comprehensive catalog of genetic and epigenetic knowledge about the human brain. It was designed and built by Dr. Zhiping Weng's lab at UMass Chan Medical School as a product of the PsychENCODE Consortium.

This website hosts all raw data and output files associated with the brainSCOPE Resource, which incorporates single cell-resolution, multi-omic data for 388 adult DLPFC samples.

the ASD Single-Cell Gene Expression Portal (ASD scGENE Portal)! This browser permits the interactive querying of case-control single-cell expression presented in Wamsley et al. 2023. This data set represents the filtered data set with nearly 600k nuclei across 33 ASD and 31 control subjects.

Spatially resolved and single nucleus transcriptomics data from the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) from postmortem human brain samples.

Network Module Visualization for Gandal et al. 2018

An integration of data across the phase one capstone projects to build a model taking QTLs as inputs and providing both phenotype predictions as well as functional modules involved.