Data generated through the PsychENCODE Consortium funding mechanism is distributed through the PsychENCODE Knowledge Portal hosted on the Sage Bionetwork’s Synapse platform.  Synapse is a collaborative research platform that allows teams to share data and collaborate across organizational boundaries. For more information, visit the Synapse documentation site.

Access to data from the PsychENCODE Consortium human studies is governed by the NIMH Repository and Genomics Resources (NRGR). Data access approval by the NRGR Data Access Committee makes the data available for download through Synapse. To ensure secure data access, the proposal PI and all members on the PIs team working on the data must have registered for a Synapse account and obtained a “Synapse data access token”. These tokens must be submitted with the NRGR access request as described under the PsychENCODE Knowledge Portal access instructions.

Data Per Grant

The Capstone Data Collection

December 2018 Data Release Notes