Name Description Contributing PI
iPSC generation and maintenance Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) generation and maintenance Flora Vaccarino
RNA extraction and isolation RNA isolation and sequencing Flora Vaccarino
Neural differentiation Neural Differentiation of hiPSCs Flora Vaccarino
CNON cell culture CNON Cell Culture Peggy Farnham, James Knowles
CNON ChIP-seq Histone ChIP and Library Construction Protocol for CNON cells Peggy Farnham, James Knowles
ATACseq tissue preparation Nuclei preparation from frozen tissue for ATAC-Seq (no detergent) Gregory Crawford
ChIPseq from tissue ChIP from frozen tissue Nenad Sestan
ChIPseq library prep ChIPseq library prep Schahram Akbarian
Total RNA isolation and QC for RNAseq RNA isolation and QC Chunyu Liu
SMRI total RNA isolation and QC SMRI RNA isolation and RNA QC Chunyu Liu
Nuclei isolation and ChIP Protocol Nuclei isolation and ChIP Schahram Akbarian
ATACseq sample and library prep ATACseq sample and library preparation, QC, and sequencing Chunyu Liu
RiboZero stranded library prep Ribo Zero stranded library preparation, QC and sequencing Chunyu Liu
RNAseq data analysis pipeline RNAseq data analysis pipeline Chunyu Liu
ATACseq tissue prep Nuclei preparation from frozen tissue for ATAC-Seq Gregory Crawford
Qiagen kit RNA isolation RNA isolation by RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (Qiagen) Nenad Sestan
IsoSeq library prep Isoform Sequencing (IsoSeq) Full-Length cDNA Library Preparation Protocol Dalila Pinto
LncRNA library prep SeqCap lncRNA Enrichment System for Illumina Sequencing: Library Preparation Protocol Dalila Pinto
MWAC Ab screening Rapid screening of antibody collections by MWA Chunyu Liu
MWAC RPPA Microwestern array Reverse phase protein array protocol Chunyu Liu
MWAC tissue prep Microwestern array Tissue Prep Protocol Chunyu Liu
MWAC Micro Western MicroWestern Protocol Chunyu Liu
Single cell RNASeq Single cell RNAseq Nenad Sestan
RNA from tissue mirVana kit Total RNA isolation (including small RNAs) from frozen tissue by miRVANA miRNA kit Nenad Sestan
Nuclei isolation protocol Nuclei isolation protocol for FACS sorted cells Stella Dracheva